2022-05-24 - think TWICE before you buy an iSi Soda Siphon ( or indeed you shouldn't have this idea at all )

we bought this iSi Soda Siphon thing around mid 2022-03.  at the beginning it doesn't have any strange behavior, we're only disppointed by the fact that the discharged "soda" carry very very little amoung of sparkling.

we also bought 2 sets ( 10 units each ) of chargers at the time of purchase, thought that we will just use them up and put it aside.

then around 2022-04, it started to "explode" when i charge it.

at the beginning it's only a tiny bit, no big deal ( i thought ).

then that "explode amount" get bigger each time, to the extend that it's not only unusable ( as too much CO2 escaped and didn't mix with the water ), but in fact dangerous.

this is the direct quote of the first comment i left under their official video :

the iSi Soda Siphon is so impressively FRAGILE !
i followed exactly the instructions manual / the video showing here, it works normally for a few chargers ( but the sparklings are just way way less than what you can get from bottled soda water ), and each time i used exactly 1 charger per the manual have specified. BUT now, whenever i screwed on the charger, it will EXPLODES and flush out water by itself from the nozzle. then it can somehow retain only a portion of the pressure inside, more than half of the bottle of water just don't get enough pressure to be pushed out.

the worse part is yet to come, and here is the direct quote of the second comment i left under the same iSi official video :

we bought this in Hongkong, about 3 weeks ago we asked the seller to replace/repair the malfunction Siphon Head. we waited. a few days ( last Sat, 2022-05-21 ) we got the so-called replacement, claimed to be new and given by the Hongkong dealer "Matfer Bourgeat Hong Kong Limited". we just tried, and it is just WORSE, and EXPLODE harder than before. i can't help to doubt that either the seller in Hongkong or the Hongkong dealer is just holding the same head for a few weeks and throw it back to me.

the iSi Soda Siphon is simply annoying and disappointing at best, if not dangerous.

it's kind of late at night in Hongkong.  in these few days i will record a video as a demo / record on how "exciting" this soda thing is.

the official video where i left the above comments

the Hongkong dealer

Matfer Bourgeat Hong Kong Limited

+852 2753 5626

Matfer Bourgeat International
Matfer Bourgeat International, The luxury hotel projects division of Matfer-Bourgeat, French manufacturer of quality kitchen utensils and equipment since 1814.

source from the official page:

iSi Kulinarik: Where to buy
iSi GmbH; Kürschnergasse 4; A-1210 Vienna

the Hongkong seller

景德行 King Tak Hong

(852) 3118 2422 / 3118 2423 / 2528 5789

景德行瓷業有限公司 - King Tak Hong Porcelain Co., Ltd.
King Tak Hong Porcelain Co., Ltd. was founded since 1954 and specializes in wholesaling and retailing all sorts of Chinese & Western Porcelain, Glassware, Kitchenware and Houseware to worldwide. With 5-decade experience, our best-quality products are popular among various associations, such as: rest…

purchase receipt

purchase receipt